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Observing artists that have capable strategists around them, (that understand all of the new music business components and how they fit together), we find that they experience more success and have longer careers because they don’t get overwhelmed or burnt out.

Sadly, very few managers, marketers and labels possess artist development knowledge. It is rare to find teams who understand the full scope of the entire ecosystem and know all of the necessary steps needed. So, artists jump straight to hiring a publicist or a radio promoter without a foundation, and this never yields the long-term impact that was expected.

This, unfortunately, has a lot to do with how most artists approach the process. Once the music is finished a deep sense of urgency rushes in screaming – release release!

To make matters worse, publicists, radio promoters, and service-based businesses “silo” their tasks without communicating with each other, and in many cases, artists don’t have a team for them to communicate with. Nor do they have a plan to position the wins and the opportunities for maximum impact gets lost.

And the pressure of consistently releasing new music, social media posting, website updating, newsletter crafting, booking gigs, plus learning new technologies and platforms (not to mention the actual creation of the music and rehearsing) keeps artists busier than ever, further battling key planning and long-term perspective.

This diagram illustrates the areas artists need to have knowledge and strategy:

Development Plan

How it Works / The 5-Step Process

Step One: The Foundations

This process starts with a custom intake FOUNDATIONS Document. This document is constantly being modified to meet artists’ needs by asking many questions and uncovering elements that are in your blind spots.

It is designed to get you organized and thinking about exactly what your top three and second three goals are for the next full year (and sometimes longer) of your career.

Step Two: The Session

After you deliver the FOUNDATIONS Document the team spends time with it and then schedules a full session with you via Skype or telephone to dive in. Here, we roll up our collective sleeves with you and your entire team (if you have one) to dive deeper into each area and create priorities.

Step Three: The Creation

After the strategy session, we take approx. 2 weeks to create your Artist Development Plan. Each Artist Development Plan includes the exact areas where you have asked us to focus on, based on your goals. Plus, you get Action Sheets which will help you assess, comprehend and fix any and all areas that need attention. You also get a CUSTOM TIMELINE, starting with the day of delivery that outlines what to do and in what order, so you can get right to it!

Step Four: The Delivery

Once the plan is delivered and you’ve had time to let it sink in, we schedule a follow-up session to go over it together. Here we will answer any questions that have come up.

Also, at this time, we adjust anything necessary in your TIMELINE.

Step Five: Go Forth And Rule

Do we really need to explain this?

Actually, yes we do – the #1 Q we get asked is – Do you do the plan FOR me?

We know, a 100-page plan will create work for you – here’s the TRUTH: succeeding in this business is a lot of work (it’s a fact.) If you expect this all to be done for you, you have chosen the wrong business.

However, don’t fear! Each Artist Development Plan will recommend companies that can help you implement all of the parts, so you don’t have to do it all alone. We will make suggestions for outsourcing, finding interns, and affordable virtual assistants (VAs), and more.

Why An Artist Development Plan May Be Right For You

Instead of staying in reaction mode Emergent Behaviors puts you into action mode.

With it, you’ll know what to expect months before it happens, so you can take full advantage of all the wins you work so hard to achieve.

Each one of your “wins” will have structure and framework placed on them so that no great opportunity you create goes wasted or gets overlooked.

Why You Should Consider an Artist Development Plan

You could probably create a plan like this for yourself… All you would have to do is literally read every article and case study available plus test and re-test what works for thirty years.

Seriously, We have already worked with and gotten feedback from countless artists throughout the years and we have come to know that there is no one cookie-cutter solution.

This is the problem with those mastermind groups and online courses that are designed for hundreds of people to take them at a time. They are not customized.

How This Saves You Money & Time in the Long Run:

Upon completion of your album, EP, single, or video we’ve seen too many artists spend fortunes on professional photo shoots, branding companies, and expensive websites. All before they actually had their actual goals articulated.

We’ve seen artists make tremendous mistakes by going straight to hiring a publicist or radio promoter because they thought that that’s the first step but it’s absolutely not (nor should it ever be) the first step!

No one really told them the truth about whether those options are actually right for them.

Your customized Artist Development Plan will save you a lot of wasted money and frustration and help you get your goals

Because of the hands-on nature of these plans, we only sell a few per month.

Don’t wait to be in reaction mode start planning the next steps of your career now.

And because we know artists are not made of money, we do offer payment plans.

Click the button below to tell us all about your needs and see if a customized Artist Development Plan is right for you.  We’ll be in touch to schedule a call to discuss all of this and more with you.

Development Plan



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