YouTube has partnered with Ticketmaster and  Eventbrite to give fans a direct way to purchase tickets to artists’ live shows.

Last November, YouTube partnered with Ticketmaster in a bid to increase ticket sales for music creators by featuring purchase links to upcoming shows below their music videos.

Now, YouTube is pacting with Eventbrite — an event management and ticketing site specializing in local events — to furnish a comparable promotional service. Eventbrite listings for live performances in the U.S. will be available on all videos on an artists’ official YouTube channel.

A button will now appear below videos for musicians with official Artist Channels (like Post Malone, Ariana Grande, and Drake), which fans can use to purchase tickets directly through Eventbrite. YouTube will continue to add more artists and venues as the partnership expands. Eventbrite and Ticketmaster’s relationship with the video service means that “YouTube now covers more than 70 percent of the US ticketing market,” according to a blog post. YouTube also cited a Nielsen study that found that 26% of millennials say they discover live music events on YouTube.

YouTube has become a music hub, with 60 percent of Americans between the ages of 35 and 54 claiming they visit the site at least once a week for music-related content, according to a Google study. YouTube has also implemented an Artist Spotlight in its Trending section, which highlights a rising musician. It’s also working with creators like Casey Neistat to produce documentaries on artists like Shawn Mendes.

Fun Fact: The most viewed YouTube video of all time is Luis Fonsi’s music video for “Despacito,” and the next three most viewed videos are also music videos.



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