Gaining Instagram Followers – the basics

Tips for Gaining More Instagram Followers as a Musician

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Social media is incredibly useful for promotion, especially as a musician. Understanding and utilizing the platforms to their maximum capabilities will strengthen any artist’s fanbase. However, social media can be extremely effective for announcing events, releasing projects, and engaging with fans. On the other side of the coin, analyzing the data and statistics available to you from these platforms can be a deciding factor on your next move to make. In this article we will go over some tips that are proven effective for gaining Instagram Followers. Most noteworthy, Instagram holds the most potential in marketing yourself as it is extremely visual.

Gaining More Instagram Followers: Basic Tips

Content is key. Unless you’re a superstar or perhaps a model – no one is going to follow you if you post nonsense. Be sure to post the most quality content you have available. When potential Instagram followers discover your photo or video in their explore page, they should be sure to find visually engaging content. Captions on pictures have a large impact on profile visits as well. Be creative as you can and make sure to engage fans whenever possible. Additionally, keep your captions clean and avoid putting URLs in them. Place any links in your Instagram bio instead.

In addition to good content you must be consistent. This is key when it comes to attracting new followers. Post at least a few times a week as it is proven that Instagram followers respond better to frequent posters. However, keep in mind that there is a fine line between active and too active. Avoid multiple posts in a day as it is likely to annoy followers.

Last but certainly not least – the hashtag is NOT dead. Hashtags can play a very large role in acquiring additional followers. Content that appears on every Instagram account’s explore page is partly dictated by finding hashtags related to the user’s timeline. However, on Instagram there is a 30-hashtag limit for each post. Don’t go crazy but certainly use them where appropriate. The idea is to target as many possible Instagram followers as you can. Save the looking cool and uninterested antics for when you’ve actually blown up.




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