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'Dancing wit da Devil' written by Donna Love, arranged and performed by Dr. John - The Nite Tripper!

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This is a song that Donna Love wrote and friend and Grammy winning artist Dr John arranged and recorded for her, titled “Dancing wit da Devil“. The song was for a proposed HBO TV series based on the book “SHALLOW GRAVES” written by their dear late friend and cohort  – David Carson (pictured above) aka Reverend Goat Carson.

Emergent founder Donna Love expressed that “It was my honor to manage Goaty’s career and I jumped at the opportunity to write a song for Mac (Dr. John) to record for Goaty’s Shallow Graves proposed TV series – which is sure to be hip, provocative, and wickedly playful!”

“Goaty” to his friends, was brother to reknowned filmmaker L.M. Kit Carson (Texas Chainsaw Masacre 2 , Paris Texas and The Hitchhiker) and renowned Andy Warhol artist, Neke Carson. The Carson brothers were honored by a patron of the arts and NYC hotelier with a multi-media exhibition entitled “Three Carsons Out of Texas”. “It’s very rare for a family to do what the Carsons have done,” said Suzanne Tremblay, a noted supporter of the arts and an owner of the famously hip, art-filled Gershwin Hotel, “It’s hard enough for someone to succeed in the arts and entertainment, but three in the same family? It’s overwhelming,” she continued, “That’s why we decided to produce this exhibition.”

Goaty worked with his brother Kit on the intriguing, reflexive 1971 documentary The American Dreamer about Dennis Hopper,  which was shot during the production and editing of Dennis’ directorial magnum opus The Last Movie. During this time period, Goaty also co-wrote a screenplay titled “Hollywood Burns” with Mr. Hopper which never made it into production. Donna recently did a re-write on their screenplay and is actively shopping it for production.

Besides being one of Donna & Dr John’s closest friends, Goaty was a musician, actor, writer and political activist, who tackled political hypocrisy head on after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina by composing lyrics for the Grammy award-winning album THE CITY THAT CARE FORGOT for the great pianist and rock n’ roll hall of famer Dr.John.

Take a listen to Goaty’s version of “Dream Warrior” off his album Jamestown to Jonestown out on fboo music. This song was written while driving back and forth with Donna, from Kinky Friedman‘s Ranch in the hill country of Texas to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina for Dr. John’s ‘The City That Care Forgot” Grammy winning album.

Goat was a fixture in New Orleans culture and you may have seen him in his recurring role, playing himself on the HBO hit series “TREME”. Or you may remember him from when he ran for the President of the United States as the “Blues Party” candidate with Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh as his vice-presidential running mate in 1992 (poster art pictured above).

Learn more about Reverend Goat in this New Orleans Magazine article The Reverend Goat: The cause continues by George Gurtner.  And in this ‘tongue in cheek’ Texas Monthly article Getting My Goat written by their mutual friend Kinky Friedman.

Goaty’s Awards

GRAMMY Best Album of The Year – Dr. John “CITY THAT CARE FORGOT

NAMMY Best Spoken Word Recording for MY LIFE IS MY SUN DANCE  The Words of Leonard Peltier’s prison writings



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