Recorded and Live Music

Will the successful artists of tomorrow be sustained by live music alone? Many artists and music company executives do not think so. Despite the contrasting fortunes of the live and recorded music sectors in recent years, they believe recorded music remains the foundation for a successful career.

Live music has boomed, but much more to the benefit of legacy acts than new talent.

The top tours of today are all artists with top selling back catalogues that enable them to fill stadiums with fans.

It is a myth that artists can build long-term careers on live music alone.

In its latest tour U2 filled huge stadiums around the world. That is because they have had parallel careers as recording artists and live performers since their inception 40 years ago.

An artist usually has to sell their core product – recordings – before they can become well known enough to generate money through the sale of live tickets and merchandise. Maybe in the future artists will be able to launch their careers on live alone, but none have done so to date.

Live music is not an alternative to a recording career and smart managers know this.

To have a vibrant live industry in 10 years’ time we need investment in new acts today.

Simon Wheeler, director of strategy at Beggars Group, says artists cannot sustain a successful career through live performance alone. “You can see people who’ve followed that path in a pub near you every Saturday. Some of them may be very talented, but they’ve not built a long-term career and reached huge audiences through following the live-only path.”

Limited Live Media Distribution

This is truly found money which creates a new revenue stream and added value to your show, without any additional work on the part of the artist! Revenue that can be well placed in marketing and promotion to grow your fanbase.

Numbered Limited Edition CD & DVD sets, USB Wristbands, Direct to Digital & more

Emergent Behaviors in partnership with DiscLive can deliver quality, multitracked live INSTANT CDs, DVDs and more – immediately after your show – to your fans, using state-of-the art mobile recording units specifically engineered to our tough standards; or push the content out to fans at a later time, if artist approval is required. As part of the service we also offer full online ordering and fullfillment for those products that you want to make available “ship home” orders. 

The good thing about the concept is that it is beneficial to all parties – the artist (of course), the label (if signed), managers, agents and venues.

Promoting the live recording of the show can drive sales and put more butts in seats!  This is truly found money and does not take away revenue generated from other means (such as studio CDs or other shwag) but rather enchances sales of these items!

You have to agree that the recording is “live” and is “as is” for those products distributed on-site after the show.

You will not have time to be choosy about song selection if you want your fans to buy a CD after the show. But think about it this way, you are creating an EXCLUSIVE ONE-OF-A-KIND product plus, Limited-Edition collectible disc sets of your tour can become highly prized.

If you do want to distribute the media at the show, the product will mixed and mastered on the fly by top notch engineers and the media, whatever format, will be made available within a few minutes after your performance on custom designed and imprinted units.

In some cases we can offer ship-home products that fans may order from the website. In these  cases, we most often remix it to have superior sound than can be acheived on the road. Another thing, by offering pre-sales of the media you earn some upfront cash!

Are you ready to make more money, grow your fanbase, and all the while building your catalogue?!

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