MUSIC ARTISTS need to create a memorable brand.

Essentially each one of us has a story to tell.

For some it’s overcoming adversity for some, following a dream or crafting ourselves anew. To clearly define, touch, and reach others with our story is an art and in social media you have only one chance to get it right the first time. Our expert team will help you craft an unforgettable signature story that brings your identity and persona to light. We will help you determine your goals with an honest appraisal of your story and how it truly aligns with your desired outcome.

A Signature Story is the FOUNDATION of a Memorable Brand.

Once you can identify your signature story, your social media, marketing and PR becomes substantially easier to manage because it provides a PLATFORM AND FRAMEWORK from which to operate.

“If you’re looking to create a true mark and to get people to remark about everything that you’re doing, you only have one major mission when it comes to marketing yourself… Go out there and create some great stories.” ~Mitch Joel

A signature story is an intriguing, authentic, involving narrative with a strategic message that clarifies or enhances the brand, the fan relationship, the band organization, or the business strategy. It is a strategic asset that enables growth, provides inspiration, and guides the brand over time.

A signature story is an asset with enduring relevance and capacity to inspire and provide direction over a long period of time. As they get retold, signature stories gain authenticity, traction and influence.

Common Mistakes people make are: Cliches galore, reads like a resume’, no grabbing intro and bad grammar and typos.

A signature story is NOT a ‘bio’.

It’s a heart-centered story that tells the truth, and it reveals something that a current and potential fans will relate to – and remember. A memorable signature story includes a captivating moment that is easy for people to recount. This should not be an epic saga, but rather a nugget or gem. Ask yourself – what emotions / feelings represent your signature story? You need to share something painful, funny, or interesting. What you share may not even be music related, but it needs to have an Emotional Resonance and tie into WHY YOU MAKE MUSIC.


We will email you within the next business day to setup a time to talk on the phone and get to know you better.

You can send us your old bio, a draft, a story or notes and your music so we can better get to understand you. You will arrange one conversation of (approx 30-45 minutes); all members of your band/team that wish to be part of this conversation will need to be available at the scheduled time. Within 10 business days following the phone conversation, we will send you a draft for your feedback and edits. Once you’ve replied to us with your feedback, we’ll incorporate your edits, get your final approval, and you have your new official Signature Story. Our signature stories are approximately 1 typewritten page.

We hope these guidelines help! 


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