Whatever Your Gig
Treat YourselfTreat Your Fans

With an Emergent Mobile Artist App

Build the perfect app for fans of you and your sound. Share music and tour dates. Sell tickets and merch. Start conversations and communities.

Connect With Your Core Fans

They like you so much, they want to keep you in their pocket!

Streaming Integration

Host your albums and playlists in-app via Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, or SoundCloud.

Social Sharing

Encourage your fans to share news, images, and songs directly from your app.

Plan Your Tour

Map out the biggest hotspots for your fanbase using geolocation filters in your app’s analytics.

Sell Your Merch

Sell albums, T-shirts, bags, buttons, or posters with ease by integrating your eCommerce site.

And so much more…


Create an app today that will bring you closer to your Fans Tomorrow

Emergent Mobile keeps the process of building and launching mobile apps as simple as possible, allowing you to focus on your music and the fans who love it.


Let’s journey together

More than design; it’s the experience of your brand from the moment they see your app icon. It’s what they think and feel when they navigate around your app. It’s guiding them down the features in a logical and intuitive way. UX is the complete end to end user experience of your brand.

Creating breathtaking UX’s & friction free onboarding, it’s what we do.

We love working with musicians looking to launch with a mobile app. Our product strategists, UX gurus and board of business experts are waiting to realise your app’s potential. Let’s talk:

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Welcome to our music services division where we aim to help as many artists as possible! Learn more tips and tricks on how to take your music career to the next level. If your looking to become a client and build your brand you can contact us directly at emergentbehaviors.com