A PR campaign that gets your music wider attention specifically catered for you.

First things first.

Success in the music industry isn’t just about sounding good — you must look good too. These days, social media is the driving force for connecting audiences with images. So a poor social media presence on a platform such as Instagram can be more damaging than what happens on stage.

Of course, the same goes for how you present yourself offline too, especially to the media. Design … colors … logos … your story … your personality … All these items are critical to creating a strong visual identity. A uniqueness that people immediately associate with you. As with everything we do, we use music marketing data and research to build your brand in a way that resonates with audiences.

Nothing is left to chance. Look, it’s rare for a musician to burst onto the scene as an instantaneously mega-successful superstar. Top musicians are built on one strategic pillar … one appearance … one single … one new distribution channel at a time. So, we customize a step-by-step formula designed to grow your visual identity and help you realize the level of success that you know you’re capable of achieving.

Publicity isn’t just about creating buzz, it’s about separating yourself from the crowd. To do this, you at least need a strong signature story, a solid social media presence and a defined plan to keep your message (or music) relevant. Of course, there’s your press kit too. And even with all these items in place, one element is most critical of all … Relationships.

You see, music writers and editors get flooded with pitches every day. Giving each one equal attention just isn’t realistic. So they give priority to publicists they know and have worked with in the past.

When we embark on an online music PR campaign for our artists, we aim to ensure that they are:

  • highly visible online
  • presented in the right way
  • building momentum
  • controlling the flow of favourable content.

We pay particular attention to how we pick and negotiate the right premieres and exclusives to maximise coverage from key areas.

We don’t treat online PR as a way of grabbing any exposure on any site, but rather as an exercise in controlling your online profile and developing it in the correct way.  It’s about delivering the right content to the right people at the right time – and devising ways to maximise the longevity of the messages you want to get out there.

Welcome to our music services division where we aim to help as many artists as possible! Learn more tips and tricks on how to take your music career to the next level. If your looking to become a client and build your brand you can contact us directly at emergentbehaviors.com