The Emergent Behaviors team is made up of singers, songwriters, producers, and music geeks, who also happen to be expert web designers. Our goal is to empower you to build the most effective website for your music.

The first thing people do, labels and publishers included, when they are interested in you and your music, is to go online to see what your online impression looks like because, if you don’t come across professional online, which is for the whole world to see, then that’s a tell-tell sign of what’s to come. You need to take the responsibility of looking professional and up-to-date, otherwise why should they wish to invest in someone that isn’t serious enough about their own career to take the time to develop their brand identity and create authentic relationships with their fans?

If you’ve gotten someone’s attention and they’ve gotten to your website where they can listen to your music that may be the only chance you will ever get to share your music with them, so you better give them complete full songs – not teasers. That may be the only chance you have to show them what you look like in a video and it may be the only chance you get to show them what’s going on with your social media sites. So make sure that they are rock solid before you start inviting people there.

So before you get yourself prepared, don’t go out and start advertising to people in the industry that you are an artist, because when you tell them, “Hey, I’m an artist” what you’re telling them is “I am ready to compete with Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars and everyone else.”

You need the best possible visuals for your brand.

Your website is your home base and should be driving in attention from all your fans. We help design and develop a perfect functioning website to deliver exclusive content to your fans and media. Your fans should be able to subscribe to your website while being updated on your recent tours, shows, new releases and more. Members of the media should be convinced that you are interesting enough for them to write about and radio programming directors persuaded that their listeners will want to hear and know about you.

Protect your brand and make sure your website is professionally done! It’s one of the most important assets you can have!  Contact me today and let’s get you started on the road to success!

What’s Included?

  • Artist Branding with high quality graphics
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop responsive Design
  • Features such as custom music players, social media integration, gig calendar and more
  • Custom designed to you and nobody else! We do not use templates.
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • Your website will be completed in full in 2-3 weeks!

Questions to ask when designing your homepage

A homepage that works perfectly for one band could fall flat for another.

If you’re looking at design options and are unsure of which direction to go in, here are a few questions to help guide your decision:

  • What do you want the visitor to do? (e.g. make a purchase, join your email list, come to a gig, etc.
  • How simple are you making it for them to do this?
  • How many steps are there to complete your goal?
  • How much information do they need to proceed to the next step?
  • Are there any steps you can eliminate?

Visitors sometimes land on homepages knowing what they want, and other times they don’t. You have to design your homepage with both in mind while ensuring that your decisions align with your primary goals.

A good homepage should accommodate visitors looking for a specific outcome, while directing the attention of the ones who aren’t.

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