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We know how time-consuming it can be to find and engage with brands who will support your creative vision. Simply put: if it isn’t authentic, your audience won’t watch and the brand’s message won’t resonate. That’s why we take the headache out of brand partnerships, bringing you opportunities with brands built on transparency and trust.

While the forum for watching music videos has evolved considerably since MTV’s debut in 1981, audience demand for music video content has never been higher. In 2019, audiences collectively watched over 400 billion on-demand streams, up 41% from 2018 [*Source: Nielsen].

In the wake of COVID-related stay-at-home orders, video viewership has climbed even higher, besting average viewership by 12.5% for the week of May , 2020. [**Source: Nielsen]. Artists have risen to meet quarantine demand by producing innovative shot-at-home videos (Drake and Kim Petras give us a couple of fine examples), providing audiences with fresh content even when standard production shoots were down.


83%  of music video viewers recall the featured brand

93% of viewers rewatch music videos they like

46% more consumers consider purchasing a brand on an integration

42% of consumers have made a purchase based on an integration

The enduring reach of music content also means that the opportunity for brands who activate in the space has never been greater. Even absent a global pandemic, which is always attractive to record labels and artists alike. Right now, in a year when musicians are largely unable to tour and on-set COVID safety measures drive increased production costs, artists are particularly appreciative of brand involvement and are more open than ever to striking mutually-beneficial deals for the same.

The arrangement is win-win, with the payoff for brands incredibly noteworthy. In a poll of music video viewers:

  • 83% of the audience recalled brands featured in music videos unaided
  • 46% of consumers say they consider purchasing a product based on a video integration
  • 42% of them have actually done so

A further advantage is that the integration lives within the video forever, which offers an especially powerful ROI given that 93% of audiences rewatch videos they enjoy. Whether reaching new audiences of devoted fans, year over year, brand integration in music videos continually impacts audiences.

Of course, earning incredible brand engagement like that described above isn’t a given; it depends on the quality of the integration. Emergent Behavior’s deep and longstanding relationships with artists and video creatives allows us early access to video treatments and the ability to shape them for our brand clients.

Our approach is to craft natural integrations in which the brand is prominently featured, creating moments that connect with audiences because they’re authentic. In this way, the brand is seen as not just integrations in the artists content, but as truly aligning with the artist. Associating one’s brand with an artists cultural cache, of course, is a savvy way of defining and curating that brands market identity. Music video integrations make that possible, and the considerable music video audience is paying attention.

Learn more about what music video integrations can do for your brand here.

*Source: Nielsen Music’s 2019 Year-End Music Report

** Source: Nielsen-MRC COVID-19: Tracking the Impact on the Entertainment Landscape – Release 4



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