What does a live music producer do?

A live music producer takes an artist and develops who they are on stage. They help the artist find “moments” in their songs that are memorable, and helps them deliver them visually in a way that their audiences understand.

The term “moment” is extremely important when it comes to live music production. Think of them as specific things that happen during a live show that leave such an impression on audiences that fans remember and talk about them years later. When everybody attending a concert sings along and the artist acts surprised even though it happens at every concert? That is an “emotional moment”. When pyrotechnics are shooting from the guitar or fake blood is pouring from Gene Simmons mouth during a KISS concert? That is a “visual moment”. That time when your favorite band took your favorite four-minute song and turned it into an unexpected 12-minute ear orgasm that could never be played on the radio? Yea, that is a “musical moment”.

They are planned meticulously and then strategically placed at certain points of a live show for maximum emotional effect. Moments are when an audience gets so quiet you can hear a pin drop or when you do something that creates a standing ovation or your audience is brought to tears.

Simply put, these things don’t happen by accident…even when they appear to be entirely spontaneous on stage.

Why should an artist shell out a lot of dosh to a live music producer?

The short answer is the impact on a band’s bottom line. By creating moments during a live show, it results in artists selling more merchandise. People who experience moments want to be able to take something home with them that allows them to relive those moments. It isn’t uncommon for bands working with skilled live music producers to see increases in merchandise sales.

Another thing a skilled live music producer does is make sure you are bringing more energy to your rehearsals. They can push you to rehearse with the same intensity needed for your live shows. You have to go for it in rehearsal because bands need to have that repetition in order to bring it to the stage. Do you think Michael Jackson rehearsed without a live music producer?

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